Publication date: 2019-07-15 Issue: EN001


Metallized Bag Sealing Tape
Metallized Bag Sealing Tape
Metallized bag sealing tape had been modified at an accurate size and applied on bag.
Metallized release film would be removed before use and adhesive could seal the bag properly.
1. Great holding power
2. Could be used on PE & PP bag production
3. Zero Static
4. Effectively reduce the stock pressure

Benefits of Metallized bag sealing tape:

A west Asia country uses metallized bag sealing tape (BR-15P00) on bag production.
Security Tamper Evident Tape SK-88
SK-88 non transfer security tape has been applied to election in South America Counties. Customer converted non-transfer label as Government requested. To avoid any cheating during voting, the label would be sealed up voting machine control board before election. The label will be peeling off after voting.
Double Sided PET Tape DM-790
A customer in the United States specializing in the packing carton production of smartphones and related devices. With characteristics of transparent PET backing ,high adhesion power and holding power, SEAL KING DM-790 was chosen for bonding the top and bottom of their cartons. As they apply tape and peel off release film by manual, SEAL KING specially leaves 4mm wide finger lift edge at left side of DM-790 tape. It allows the operator to easily tear off film to increase production efficiency.
Bottom side seal : DM790 liner 25mm, adhesive 21mm Open side seal : DM790 liner 10mm, adhesive 6mm