Bag Sealing Tape

Bag sealing tape is the well suited for soft packaging materials. Light release design, good for seal and peel, effectively reduces operational noise, keeping operators away from risks of wrist injuries. We also offer services of customized printing in order to meet your specific market needs.

Permanent Tape

SEAL KING rang of permanent tapes are with aggressive adhesive, good initial tack and excellent thermal stability, suitable for permanent bag sealing applications.

Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper Evident Tape can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including metal, plastic, paper, glass and other materials. Application areas include logistics monitoring, forensic intelligence investigation, military, banking and aviation security, medical packaging seals, electronic goods protection, and a variety of paper and plastic bags, boxes and cartons, and many more. Customized designs are available to meet the specific requirements of customers’ wishes.

Stationery Tape

Award winning, patented, innovative and user friendly design featuring easy peel, easy stick, a daily indispensable helping hand. Goes well with various materials (plastic bags, PVC boxes, wrapping paper, coffee mugs… etc.) on packing, sealing, fixing, start up mark and the color identify management.

  • Bag Sealing Tape

  • Permanent Tape

  • Tamper Evident Tape

  • Tamper Evident Tape

  • Stationery Tape

  • Carry Handle Tape